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Be The Change

Today is the beginning and the end depending how you may look at your life at this point. I'd like to start with how we view the world today. Can you feel the love? Or is it dark and dreary like a rainy day? I would like to say it is clear skies and mostly sunny! Well how can we be the change that is so necessary in today’s society? We can start with ourselves, take a deep look within your soul, do you see any darkness that needs to escape? If so you’re not alone, we all have a shadow person that lurks within us all. But it only has power if you give it power. So let’s begin to BE THE CHANGE........... We can start by changing our heart. How can I do that you ask? It’s easy begin today; do something nice today: maybe for your neighbor, the cashier at your local grocery store, a passerby, a stranger of a different authenticity than you; even a smile can change a person’s day, it’s as simple as that. In our society today there are many people who are living in fear or carrying hate in their hearts. Let us begin to BE THE CHANGE. We are all one, we all want love, happiness, we want to raise our families in a safe environment, to be successful and, believe in a god. Stop the hate that so many circus barkers are proclaiming today. We can do it one day at a time. STOP THE HATE.................................BE THE CHANGE

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