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Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

Wishes, hopes and dreams, mere words if it isn’t awakened or activated by the energy within. So shake

it up; like a snow globe look into the shiny round glass and watch the mystical glitter fall to the bottom. Turn it over and over again and again, look deeper within. Like our mystical selves, we can tap into a deeper understanding of the energy for all to embrace. Enter the shiny glass globe and watch the magic it beholds. The water embarks our world; the light reflects against the glittery rain, how beautiful. If we were just a speckle in this everlasting globe, what would you be? A wish, a dream or a hope? All three require a thought. But you must have faith to activate all. Which one do you want? We wish for things, hope for things and dream of things. Wow they are all beginning to sound the same. So if we put all three words together with the meaning of one, we get things hoped for, wishes and dreams to come true. The universal energy that lives in us, is bringing forward our awareness; of what we need to do to activate thought into action. Shake up the snow globe within you, and watch your hopes, dreams and wishes turn into a reality. There's much to experience if we think higher. Meditate on the things that are simple, like a tree for example and the life and significance it has in this world. We rarely put any thought into what a tree stands for (literally). A tree has a purpose, to shade us from the blazing sun, shelter us from the pouring rain, hold strong against the wind and offer a place of rest. A tree is used to make a home to animals and birds of all sizes and to man to build his home with. So as a tree has many purposes so do we. I guess that's one reason they are called the tree of life. Let us live our life as a tree with many purposes.

A tree is strong, rooted deep in the earth and it changes all year long with the seasons. Just as we too must do. So wish no more, hope for either. But plant seeds of your dreams into the earth. And watch them take root and grow. Be like a tree. Be more to offer than to seek. So Shake up your snow globe and watch what will be. by lisa torres

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