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The Truth

The Truth

Here we are again. What is the truth? Well years ago a teacher told me that the truth is what is believed. I’ll have to say I believe that too. Because my truth and your truth can be very different. So still I seek the truth. Can it be within us all, a little bit here and a little bit there? But still, I search for the truth. Gods truth is the truth I seek, the purest form of truth. The truest form. They say that the truth will set you free. Free from what?

I believe that Gods truth was, placed in our heart of hearts when we were born, that is why we have a knowing, an inner knowing. An intuitive knowledge. One that is unique to us all. To want to know God is the way to find the truth. And the way to find the truth is to know God; and to be set free from our self (Ego).

To have peace within our being. To find the love of God is to know the love of God and we will find the truth. The truth is the way the only way, to find ourselves. There’s more to seek. Its right in front of us. It’s all around us. Let us open our minds to have a clearer view of the world.

One still small voice cries out, Set Me Free, From Myself!

- Lisa Torres-


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