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Out Of the Darkness

Out of the darkness the sounds ring out! What just happened? Could it be, no couldn't be. Yeah it happens to us all. The fire that resonates in your chest is so intense and the beating of your heart is pounding like a drum. What next? Fear and the unknown become a reality. But there’s a stronger truth that takes control. I'll call it FAITH! It's so surreal. The darkness is hitting home now. The darkness surrounds us all. But we can stand strong and tall in all that we believe. Because when the darkness falls the light emerges bright and powerful. We will not be over thrown by evil, not now or ever to come. Love will always prevail. Hate plants hate, don't be that seed. I cannot allow the dark world, be our new world. The love of people still exists in us all. To have compassion, empathy, to be caring and most of all to sacrifice for those in need. We can still BE THE CHANGE........... START NOW...... ON YOUR JOURNEY!!! I know I will.

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